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Question:  How Can You Connect With and Sell to the Innkeeping Community?

Answer:  Join PAII as a Vendor Affiliate Member Today

Your business has the products and services innkeepers need to operate, manage, and market their inn successfully. 
How do you reach hundreds of B&B and Inns with news and information
about your products and services in an effective, yet economical way? 
Become a Vendor Affiliate Member of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII),
and you'll be able to connect with innkeepers in ways that make solid business sense.
We here at PAII value your commitment to innkeepers, and we are committed to providing value to you,
along with strengthening our business-to-business relationship, and your business-to-customer relationship. 

PAII is the association for innkeepers who view innkeeping as a profession. Bed & Breakfasts and Inns are an established segment of the lodging industry, and continually evolving to exceed guest expectations. In the search for the best in products and services for managing the inn and hosting guests, innkeepers rely, in part, on PAII to provide them with information and access to resources.  PAII's Aspiring (future) Innkeeper members are diligently researching the businesses they'll soon rely on for their own B&B/Inn.  From the direct one-to-one in person opportunities at the Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show, to news and information in our newsletters, magazines and on our website, there are multiple venues for you to to connect with the innkeeping community.


The Vendor Directory pages are among the most visited pages at - and these pages are public, that is, viewable by everyone. Using the Industry Resources tab, viewers will find your descriptive listing which includes links to your website and social media, contact information, and logo.  Your future customers – innkeepers, aspiring innkeepers, associations – are not always going to search by business name, or scroll through every description.  So, in addition to the alphabetical listing, your business is listed on the Vendor Member Directory by Category.   


News You Can Use - PAII's weekly email newsletter keeps members and non-member contacts updated on news, announcements, industry trends, and special offers. It's a must-read for all innkeepers, interim innkeepers, aspiring innkeepers, association leaders, and vendors. (note: Members receive 'full access' to content by active links while non-member readers receive a limited number of active links to content). Your company is featured in our "Vendor Spotlight/About Us".
This paragraph includes your company information, and a link to your Vendor Listing.  You let us know when you want your feature simply by sending us your paragraph! Additionally, y
our first company ad is complimentary and is visible to all 6000+ recipients of the newsletter - you submit a camera-ready ad and let us know when you want it to appear.


InnOvations, the monthly e-magazine, goes to all PAII members and contains industry news and research, current topics and trends, member news, association news, and the 'world of innkeeping'.  Readers will get to know you and your business via an expanded "Vendor Spotlight / About Us" article. And, you have the opportunity to submit educational articles with a byline and credit to be published in the magazine anytime. We welcome your expertise - that's why we offer the opportunity to further connect with and educate innkeepers. If you choose, reasonably priced ads will remind innkeepers of your products and services.


PAII broadcasts several webinars every month: 'Webinar Wednesdays'. As a member, we invite you to present educational webinars to members.  In addition to the live broadcast, these webinars are recorded and have very high view rates. The webinar schedule is posted prominently on and in every weekly edition of News You Can Use.  If you’ve never done a webinar—let us provide test runs and walk-throughs for you 


We’ll interview you for a 20-30 minute podcast which will be distributed on pod-casting channels including Google Play, itunes and other podcast directories.  We’ll announce it in a weekly NYCU and publish it on our social media channels.A link to your podcast will be added to your Vendor Directory Listing on

On their profile, PAII members may indicate they want to 
receive information / updates / specials directly from PAII Members Vendor Affiliates.  To qualify to use this database, a signed Vendor Code of Ethics and Opt-in List Use Agreement must be on file.  Request more information or the documents from   


MEMBER TO MEMBER PROMOTIONS (DISCOUNTS/ SPECIALS) is located in the section of the PAII website reserved for members.  This is another venue to introduce your business to PAII members, and build loyalty.


We - and innkeepers - recognize that you are very knowledgeable in your niche of the innkeeping business. PAII's Member-to-Member Facebook closed group is a forum for asking questions, providing answers, sharing experiences ... and Vendor Members are welcome to participate.


We'll provide a PAII  Vendor Affiliate Member Logo for you to use on marketing materials and on your website.You'll be identified as a supporter of the professional association representing the bed and breakfast industry...innkeepers appreciate that!


Exhibit your products and services at the largest gathering of innkeepers, educators and sponsors - PAII's Annual Innkeeping Conference. You will be notified well in advance of our trade show and will be offered the opportunity to reserve priority space. Best of all, you can SELL your product/services to the hundreds of innkeepers in attendance: your 'regular' customers, your 'new' customers and the prospects as you follow up after the show.

Join Today!

The Vendor Affiliate Membership is $360 per year (or paid at $31 / month)

The Vendor Small Business Membership is $199 annually (Sole Proprietor Businesses only)

Join online or email us at for more information and for Trade Show details.


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